How to Make Fermented Hot Sauce with Peppers...Yum! (You Can Even Use the Dried Grocery Store Ones) — Home Healing Harvest Homestead

Here is a recipe and directions for making your own homemade hot sauce. This fermented version is naturally preserved and contains healthy probiotics too….and best of all: it’s chemical free and all natural. If you have hot peppers in your garden or just want to pick them up at the market, you’ve got to make this hot sauce if you love hot condiments! Makes a great gift too. #hotsauce #homemade #natural #fermented #fermentation #condiment #dip #sauce #heaingharvesthomestead #recipe
Are you a hot sauce lover? I am too. But I really don’t like spending $5 to even $10 on fancy hot sauces! Plus, most of them, even if they say “natural” or “organic,” still have chemical additives. My hot sauce recipe here is fermented, which means it is naturally preserved, and has all the natural